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Often families are scared and apprehensive to place their loved one in a home. They are scared that their loved one will not have the same quality of life that they were receiving at home. They may be scared that there loved one will be misunderstood, dismissed, or ignored. We understand your concerns and that is why we have now included testimonials of families that have entrusted us with the awesome responsibility of caring for their family members. These are some of there kind words:

Hello Jocelyn & Staff,

Thank you for the amazing care you gave my Mom, our Mom, your more than"a resident", your Ruthie. She was blessed. What was wonderful was that you really did convey to us that you were blessed to have Mom there. I know you loved my Mom for who she was, even as it changed from day to day. Whenever I was there I saw how you really did enjoy Mom and I could "see" that you felt blessed by her presence. You shared that with us in words, but we also saw it in the care you gave her, the gentle touch, the smiles, and laughs, and such compassionate and skilled understanding of her dementia. You were always willing to listen to our concerns and ideas for her care, it was so personal! I think that Mom often felt like she was at a wonderful all inclusive resort, and I could see why! Hale Nohea was a place to enjoy the day, inside and outside, be well cared for, exercise, laugh, play, have art, music, games, and eat excellent and healthy meals. And for Mom, there always something to do or someone to talk to. Then there was also her wonderful chair to relax. I was grateful that her room was for sleeping, she never felt alone. I appreciated that you went to visit her when she was in the hospital and continued to care for her there.

I also want to thank you for welcoming me and all of my family whenever, and there are a lot of us! I really did enjoy my time at the house with Mom. I appreciated that you let me come in with art projects, my sisters and brothers with games, massage, beauty shop, music, dance and cooking. You let us be who we are with Mom.

It is hard when your parents age and they can not live in there own home. It is hard for them and for the children. But for me and my siblings, her home at Hale Nohea was the best. I continue to be grateful for the care, and I only hope that if necessary there will be a place like Hale Nohea for me.

With love and appreciation,

Sherry D.


Jocelyn & Staff,

My heart goes out to you all with tremendous gratitude for all the things you did to help my Dad. From your letter Jocelyn and the kind words we shared on the phone with the staff. It is obvious my Dad trusted and liked you all and that trust is everything he needed to feel at home.

Word do not match the deep appreciation for all your love and care. Thank you for being so wonderful. Thank you for your wisdom and patience and giving spirits; may the compassion you show and give come back to you.

Love and gratitude,

Mary O.


Hello Hale Nohea Staff!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Where do I begin? You have set a new standard for elder care, and my Mom's health and happiness is the proof! You have created a safe, clean, professional, creative, respectful, and most of all, happy place to enjoy life. You each provide a unique and critical piece to the environment. It was great to see how wonderful my mom is doing because of your sincere caring work. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Laurie H.



Hi to Everyone-

It was so nice getting to visit with my Dad at Hale Nohea. Judging by the photo's I have to say he hasn't looked better in 3 years!!! He even has contentment/joy on his face! Thank you to all of you for taking such great care of him.

Warm Regards,

Julie L.


Dear Jocelyn, Pat, all of the loving staff and residents at Hale Nohea,

Your love, happiness, and joy overflows touching everyone.  I am most thankful for all you give to my Dad. Jocelyn, your deep love for your residents and your beautiful service to God through Hale Nohea uplifts me every time I think of you.  Thank you for providing such an excellent home for my Daddy to live with dignity, love, joy, and happiness. God bless you all, and thank you for making my journey, visit, and healing relationships possible.



Laurie M.




Dear Jocelyn,

A “thank you” seems inadequate when I think of everything you do and cause to happen!  The few in your care are the “lucky” few.  


Arden M.



Dear All at Hale Nohea,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Oliver these past few years.  It is comforting to know that he finally felt at home after such a difficult start.  You all have been a true blessing to the ** family by shielding us from his day-to-day ups and downs, which must be an expression of his frustration with the Alzheimer’s.  You have allowed us to mainly remember him as he was before the disease.  

For that we will be forever grateful!  

Thank you again, 


The ** Family



Dear Jocelyn, 

You truly saved our family.  Mom coming to live at Hale Nohea was the best thing that could have ever happened to her.  The love, care, and support that you have given to our mom/ wife has meant so much to us! Thank you for being there for us and for mom, even up until the very end.  


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With much love and aloha, 

Amy T.

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