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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hale Nohea accept Males and Females
Yes, Hale Nohea gladly accepts both males and females.

What kind of insurance does Hale Nohea accept
Hale Nohea is a private facility that accepts both Private Pay and Long Term Care insurance (check with your agent about eligibility requirements). We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare. 

What is the cost per month
Here at Hale Nohea, we provide only the best for your loved one. Each meal is carefully planned and balanced, each activity tailored for each resident's daily success, and each life story learned so to better understand each unique individual. Great care is used when staff is selected and the resident to staff ratio is high due to the nature of our resident's unique needs. Incontinence supplies are included in the monthly cost. Our facility ranges in price depending on our resident's room and level of care. Our price ranges are $13,600 - $16,000 per month plus Hawaii GE tax. 

Is Hale Nohea Wheelchair accessible
Yes. Hale Nohea can accommodate wheelchairs. We are equipped with an elevator, walk-in showers, and easily accessible outdoor yard where our emergency fire escape is located. We are licensed to take ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents. As stipulated by fire code; non-ambulatory residents must occupy one of the three second level rooms. Residents occupying the third level must be ambulatory in order to utilize the exterior staircase in the event of a fire. 

Is Hale Nohea equipped to handle wandering residents
Safety is the highest priority in our facility. Therefore, all stair entryways (other than fire exits) are gated and all exits are monitored by electronic chimes that sound throughout the house. Our safety procedure dictates that a staff member must always assist all residents when ascending or descending elevator or stairs. 

What range and type of care does Hale Nohea provide
Hale Nohea is a memory care Type II Adult Residential Care Home that holds an Expanded Care license. Our state license allows for eight (8) residents who are at Care Home Level, three of which can be Expanded Care. Expanded Care residents are required to be monitored by a Certified Case Manager who will work closely with Hale Nohea to develop a personalized care plan. Our residents are provided with round-the-clock care and assistance in every aspect of daily living.

Hale Nohea is able to accommodate for hospice and follow an "age-in-place" model. We have chosen to accept residents with Alzheimer's or Dementia related diseases ranging from stage 1-6 (click here for Alzheimer's Association of stages). This exclusivity allows us to provide the best possible care for our residents' through our knowledgeable staff who are trained to understand Alzheimer's and Dementia related diseases, its progression, and specialized techniques to minimize stress, and maximize comfort.

How does Hale Nohea combat patient confusion

This is achieved through regular daily routine. We closely monitor personal comfort by being observant to and sensitive to frustration and use redirection, gentle music, exercise, and the implementation of meaningful activities as basic tools for providing a positive and stimulating environment. Due to our high staff to resident ratio, we are able to provide the type of personalized attention to each of our residents that is essential when successfully caring for those with Alzheimer's and Dementia. 

What is your staff to resident ratio

For 8 residents, a minimum of two nurse aids are on duty during every morning shift and for a majority of the afternoon and evening shift, and at least one nurse aide will be on duty to meet the residents' needs throughout the night.


Hale Nohea also employs a 24/7 on-call Registered Nurse in the event of emergencies. 

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