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Process of


1. The first step is to set an appointment with us to tour our facility, meet our staff, and become familiar with the type of services and care we provide. 

2. If you are interested in our facility, it is important for us to understand the level of care your loved one requires. His or her needs must be evaluated in order to determine applicable monthly rates and eligibility. A security deposit equal to the monthly rate (plus GE tax 4.712%) quoted is required. 

3. An application must be completed by resident's guardian or legal representative (click here to download the application) and must be faxed, mailed, or emailed.

4. Prior to admission the following information is required by Physician or APRN:

   a. Current Physical Exam
  b. Current TB Clearance and Vaccine Record
  c. Level of Care Evaluation
  d. Medical and Personal History
  e. Self Preservation Statement
  f.  Medication List
  g. Physician's Orders

Lastly, before the admission process is completed, we require that each resident have a legal representative, i.e. durable power of attorney for medical and financial decisions. 

We will do our best to help make this process as comfortable for you and your loved one. This process can take a few days up to a week depending on Physician arrangements. 

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