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About Us

The value of our facility at Hale Nohea is our caring and highly trained staff. Each staff member is qualified as a Nurse Aid or Certified Nurse Aid and further trained in Alzheimer's and Dementia, and understands the transition and experience of memory loss. Our residents are not alone in their changing needs, but rather have caring partners aiding in all aspects of their daily life.

Our staff understands that this experience is a partnership. Because of our high staff-to-resident ratio, all staff will be cognizant of residents' personal life interests, former occupation, travel, family, and activities that bring meaning into their lives. Families are encouraged to share these life experiences so that staff can further a connection by engaging in conversations surrounding fond memories.

Hale Nohea is an Expanded Care Home and therefore, we require our staff to take fifteen additional hours of State of Hawaii approved continuing education. This requirement of all staff members is to ensure they are knowledgeable and trained with the most current methodology and standards when giving care to our residents with Alzheimer's or Dementia.

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