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Employment & Volunteers


Our focus as employers is to provide a supportive, open, and communicative environment. Our staff is the most vital part of our success and therefore we take our employees happiness very seriously. We promote a "team" environment where each staff member is valued and each recommendation by our staff on improvement for our facility is taken into consideration. Being a part of our team means that you take an oath to serve our residents with the utmost care and respect. No mistreatment of the residents will be tolerated. Any misconduct in dealings with our residents will result in immediate dismissal.

With this in mind, we encourage only those who are committed to working with Alzheimer's and Dementia related residents to apply. As your employer, we understand that working with residents with these challenges can be difficult at times. Therefore, we provide extended training classes with the Alzheimer's Association and will always provide resources for additional support if needed.

Criteria for Employment at Hale Nohea:

   - Certified Nurse Aid License from the State of Hawaii
   - At least one year of experience in a Private Care or Nursing Home Facility
   - 3 Recommendations
   - Background check/ Drug testing required
   - English speaking
   - Willingness to take further education classes at the Alzheimer's Association      

An application for employment can be downloaded (by clicking here) and can be emailed to or faxed to (808)-734-5919. Management will review all applications and respond to applicants within a week


Like our employees, we take the dedication, happiness, and success of our volunteers very seriously. Because we are a specialized facility dealing with unique and often challenging behaviors, we must be selective about our volunteers to ensure the safety and well being of our residents. Therefore, all volunteers must shadow one of our employees at all times, only assisting in tasks requested by the employee. If there is a specific talent, skill, or trade you wish to share with our residents please let us know. We appreciate and value our volunteers and any positive skill or activity that enriches our residents' daily life is a gift. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us via email at the attached link or by phone at (808)-734-4680. Your time, energy, and love are essentials in creating a positive and thriving environment for everyone.

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